What Is Hooch?

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I live in a world where alcohol is easily accessible. Unsurprisingly, people often turn to alcohol to help them cope with problems or have a good time. However, some of these drinks may contain more alcohol than others or be more potent. So, what is hooch?

What Is Hooch?

Hooch is a slang term for alcohol, usually referring to moonshine or bootleg liquor. This term is often used to describe alcohol made illegally or secretly. Hooch can be made from anything that ferments, such as fruits, grains, or even potatoes. It is always distilled, meaning the alcohol content is much higher than in beer or wine.

The term “hooch” is believed to come from the Hoochinoo people, a native Alaskan tribe known for their alcohol production. The tribe originally made this alcoholic beverage for ceremonial purposes. However, the recipe was soon traded to settlers, who began making their version of hooch.

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Hooch became popular during Prohibition when the manufacture and sale of alcohol were illegal in the United States. Many people began making their liquor at home, often of poor quality. This led to many deaths and injuries due to the high alcohol content and impurities in the hooch.

The Ingredients of Hooch

Of course, every alcohol must have some fermented ingredient, and hooch is no different. These ingredients are most probably in your kitchen right now. However, fermentation can take weeks or even months. The following are some of the most commonly used ingredients to make hooch.


It is the primary ingredient needed for fermentation. Sugar is usually in the form of molasses, honey, or sugar cane. Each sugar has a different flavor profile that will be imparted to the final hooch product. For instance, honey hooch will taste much different than molasses hooch.

Therefore, the sugar you use will greatly impact the flavor of your hooch. You can experiment with different types of sugar to find the perfect taste for you.


Fruit is often used to make hooch because it already contains sugar. This saves you a step in the fermentation process. Fruits such as grapes, apples, and berries are commonly used to make hooch. You can use fresh, frozen, or even dried fruit.

Each type of fruit will give your hooch a different flavor. For instance, fresh grapes will give you a sweeter hooch, while dried grapes produce a more tart flavor. At times, using fruits can also add a bit of natural color to your hooch, hence why grape hooch is often a deep purple color.


Yeast is a microorganism that is necessary for fermentation. It breaks down the sugars in the fruit or other ingredients and turns them into alcohol. There are many different types of yeast, each of which will produce a different flavor in your hooch.

For instance, bread yeast will give your hooch a “yeasty” flavor, while wine yeast will produce a sweeter hooch. You can even buy special hooch yeast to produce the best flavor possible.


While not strictly necessary, water is often added to the hooch to dilute the alcohol content. This is because hooch can be very potent. The alcohol content can be as high as 40% ABV as it is a whisky. Water is added to thin the hooch and make it easier to drink.

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The brewing industry has developed a wide range of flavorings that can be added to the hooch. These include fruits, spices, and even chocolate. The sky is the limit when it comes to flavoring your hooch.

Flavorings can be added at any point during the fermentation process. However, they are most commonly added after fermentation is complete. This is because the flavorings can be easily boiled off during the distillation process.

The type of flavoring you use will greatly impact the flavor of your hooch. For instance, adding cherry flavoring will give your hooch a fruity flavor, while adding cinnamon flavoring will give it a spicy flavor. You can even add multiple flavorings to create a unique hooch flavor.

Dangers of Taking Hooch

Tough hooch is still alcohol, and, as such, it can be dangerous if not consumed in moderation. The following are some of the dangers associated with drinking hooch.

  • It has a high alcohol content that can lead to alcohol poisoning.
  • It can be impure, leading to illness or death if not carefully brewed.
  • Hooch is illegal and can lead to arrest, and you can land in jail.
  • Hooch is often made in unsanitary conditions that can lead to disease.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hooch a Drug?

Yes, hooch is one of the illegal drugs. The drug is mostly used in Australia and other countries and is made by brewing the leftover fruits.

Is Hooch Legal?

Hooch is illegal in most countries as it is a potent alcoholic beverage. In some countries, it is only legal to make and consume hooch for personal use.


Drinking hooch can be dangerous due to its high alcohol content and impurities. Drinking hooch in moderation and only from a trusted source is important. You can also make your hooch at home if you are of legal drinking age and take the necessary precautions.