Best Beer for Beginners [2024 Review]

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Drinking beer for the first time comes with many challenges, especially if you haven’t done enough research on different beer styles. As a beginner, you must be alert and know the beer that suits your taste. Therefore, you must understand the best beer for beginners to dodge the challenge.

Best Beer for Beginners

An ideal beer for beginners is one that has a low alcohol content, is less bitter, and does not cause a hangover. Remember, you are entering the beer world, and you don’t want to experience the negative effect of beer on the first day you drink. You want your first sip to be a smooth, cool, crisp beer that will leave you wanting more. Also, ensure you drink more water to stay hydrated.

A clear glass filled with Guinness beer was placed on a brown wooden table

For beginners, it is best to start with a fairly basic beer that will lead to less intimidation before moving to a stronger flavored beer. This will lead you to a smooth transition from a basic beer style to a stronger style characterized by potentially experimental offerings and experience.

Remember that the beer market is saturated with every style, ranging from ales and lagers. All these will play a role in your beer world. Lagers tend to have more crisps refreshing profile, while ales are richer. Always begin with well-known beer styles before moving to other styles. For instance, you can benchmark with pilsner, a familiar brand.

Guinness Draught

Guinness draught is an Irish stout and popular beer for beginners who want to enjoy the perfect balance between bitter and sweet taste. The beer is brewed with roasted barley and caramel, which gives it dark color and taste. It contains roasted barley and caramel that provides dark color and taste.

Guinness draught contains a creamy head that will make you wait a while before you begin sipping. This is great for beginners, as it gives you a better idea and experience on approaching beer before the first sip.

The best way to drink this beer is using a pint of glass. However, for starters, drinking it in a bottle is essential to practice pouring without spilling too much.

  • Origin: Dublin, Ireland
  • Brand: Guiness
  • Taste: Balance of sweet, bitter, and smooth mouthfeel
  • ABV: 4.2%
  • Where to find: Bar/Restaurant, liquor stores, and grocery stores

Modelo Especial Mexican Lager

Modelo is a Mexican lager crafted for beginners and experienced beer lovers. The beer is fully flavored and contains crisps that deliver a refreshing taste for beginners and experienced alike. The low-hop profile ensures less bitterness, which is ideal for beginners who find bitter beers intimidating.

Modelo beer also works well with spicy food, such as tacos and burritos. This is because of the light taste that won’t compete with the spices used as recipes in making these foods.

  • Origin: Mexico City, Mexico
  • Brand: Modelo
  • ABV: 4.4%
  • Taste: Balanced taste and a light hop characterized by a crisp, clean finish
  • Where to find: liquor stores, bars, and restaurants

Coors Light

Coors beer is one of the most popular beers in the United States and is perfect for any occasion. Whether it be a sporting event, road trip, outdoor BBQ, or any other activity that requires some refreshing-Coor beer will definitely do the job.

The beer is also described as having a crisp taste plus hints of grain hops. Other beer enthusiasts also say the beer has traces of citrus fruit like orange and lemon. The beer is always layered at temperatures below freezing to enhance its crisp-smooth taste when served cold.

  • Brand: Coors Light
  • Origin: Golden, Colorado
  • ABV: 4.2%
  • Taste: Crisp taste plus hints of citrus fruit
  • Where to find: grocery stores, bars, restaurants, and local bottleshops
A can of Coors light beer placed on the white sand of a camping site

Abita Purple Haze Raspberry Lager

Abita Purple Haze Raspberry Lager is a beer brewed with real raspberries that are added after filtration. The berries give it a sweet taste and a fruity aroma that is perfect for any beginner.

The beer is also brewed using Vanguard hops and wheat malts that help balance the sweetness triggered by the berries.

  • Origin: Covington, Louisiana
  • Brand: Abita Brewing
  • ABV: 4.2%
  • Taste: A balanced Sweet taste and fruity aroma
  • Where found: Bar, restaurant, liquor stores, and online ordering

Blue Moon Belgian White

The Blue Moon Belgian white is a wheat ale that has existed since 1995. The beer is brewed with malted wheat, barley, and oats. These ingredients give it a cloudy white appearance that is perfect for beginners.

Blue Moon Belgian White also contains Valencia orange peel plus coriander, giving Blue Moon a refreshing citrus aroma and flavor. The beer blends well with an orange slice that helps supplement its aroma taste.

Therefore, Blue Moon is the perfect beer for you if you are new to the beer world and looking for something light and refreshing with a hint of fruit aroma.

  • Origin: Denver, Colorado
  • Brand: Blue Moon
  • ABV: 5.4% alcohol content of Blue Moon
  • Taste: Balanced sweetness and bright, citrus aroma
  • Where found: Bars, restaurants, grocery stores, Liquor stores, and bottleshops

Allagash White

The beer was first brewed in 1995 by Allagash Brewing Company. The beer has a cloudy appearance, making it perfect for new drinkers. Thanks to its citrus flavor and aroma, that also enhances the taste.

This beer is brewed with wheat, two-row pale malt, coriander, Curaçao orange, and oats; which give it a sweet taste. Hops are also added to balance the sweetness and make it smooth.

The Allagash White is best served in a Belgian-style glass or tulip glass. However, for beginners, using a bottle will be ideal for practicing the pouring process and avoiding spilling too much.

  • Origin: Portland, Maine
  • Brand: Allagash Brewing Company
  • ABV: 5.2%
  • Taste:  Balanced sweetness and fruity aroma
  • Where to Find: Bars, restaurants, online stores, and grocery stores
A man in a black t-shirt pouring a can of beer into a clear drinking glass

Sierra Nevada Hazy Little Thing

The Sierra Nevada Hazy Little Thing is an excellent beer for beginners. The beer is easy to drink and has a great mouthfeel that every beer drinker will want to enjoy.

The Sierra Nevada flavor is citrusy and tropical, with grapefruit and mango notes. It’s a refreshing, clean-tasting, and delicious beer. It also has a modest bitterness due to the added hops to balance the sweeteners. These ingredients leave you with a balanced sweetness plus a smooth finish.

  • Brand: Sierra Nevada Brewing Company
  • Origin: Chico, California
  • ABV: 6.7%
  • Taste: Juicy hops and silky malt and modest bitterness
  • Where to find: Online stores, liquor stores, bars, and restaurants

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Guinness a Good Starter Beer?

Fortunately, Guinness is a good starter beer. The beer has a moderate ABV and approachable bitterness that beginners find appealing. The beer also has a creamy mouthfeel ideal for beginner and experienced drinkers.

How Should You Drink Your First Beer?

The best way to drink your first beer is to nurse the beer and take it slow. Do not drink more that could make you feel uncomfortable. Always go for a beer with a low alcohol content to ensure your intoxication level is in the check.

Which Is Healthier, Beer or Wine?

Beer is healthier than wine because of the nutrients used. For instance, the ingredient hop, found in most beers, can inhibit obesity. Most beer also contains fiber, B vitamins, and folate. These nutritional values are not found in wine.


There are so many beers for beginners worldwide with different alcohol content. This is ideal for beginners since they can sample a few different beers before deciding which one to continue drinking. Start by drinking one with low content before scaling up to one with high alcohol content. Happy drinking!