What Beer Has the Highest Alcohol Content?

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What beer has the highest alcohol content? It is a question that beer enthusiasts have asked for many years. There are many factors to consider regarding beer, such as taste and flavor. However, the alcohol content is a significant factor for many people, especially those who enjoy a nice, strong beer.

What Beer Has The Highest Alcohol Content?

Brewmeister Snake Venom is the beer with the highest alcohol content. It has an alcohol by volume (ABV) of 67.5 percent. The beer is made using smoked peat malt and is flavored with cherrywood-smoked malt. Brewmeister is a Scottish brewery, and Snake Venom is their strongest beer.

It is not a surprise that a Scottish brewery produces the strongest beer. Scotland is known for its whisky, and many brewers are trying to create beers with similar alcohol levels. In fact, some whisky distilleries are now producing beer with higher alcohol content than whisky!

The game is changing, and distillers are starting to see the potential in high-alcohol beers. There are many different beer styles, from light pilsners to dark ales like Grand Cru. With the rise of craft brewing, there are now more options than ever before for people who want a high-alcohol beer.

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The Strongest Beer: Brewmeister Snake Venom

The “beast,” as snake venom enthusiasts put it, is made in the rural Aberdeenshire of Scotland by Keith Brewery LTD. It is crafted with smoked peat malt. After fermentation, the beer is frozen several times, which causes the water to freeze and the alcohol to become more potent. To make it more strong, cherrywood-smoked malt is added to the mix.

The beer is then fortified with a whopping 67.5% alcohol by volume and is said to taste like a “bitter, sweet, smoky whisky.” The result is a strong beer and a widely-recognized heavyweight champion.

The beer does not require carbonation due to its high viscosity, which cannot hold carbon dioxide. So, it is bottled and packaged as-is with a warning that it is “not for the faint of heart.” The following is the summary of the review of the Brewmeister Snake Venom beer:

  • Country of origin- Scotland
  • Type of beer- Ale
  • Alcohol by volume- 67.5%
  • Presentation-  Glass bottle
  • Packaging- Not boxed
  • Brewer’s comments- “Not for the faint of heart.”
  • Sealing cap- Crown cork
  • Storage recommendation- Keep refrigerated
  • Best served at Room temperature
  • Calories- 330 (per bottle)
  • Gluten-free- No
  • Vegetarian- No

When it comes to alcohol content, Brewmeister Snake Venom reigns supreme and is the clear winner. The beer can make an enthusiast out of anyone with a palate for intense flavors. The smoked peat malt and cherrywood-smoked malt give it a unique flavor that is unmatched by any other beer.

Other High Strength Beer

Besides the Brewmeister Snake Venom, a few other high-strength beers are worth mentioning. This gives beer enthusiasts a variety of options to choose from when looking for a high-alcohol beer to satisfy their needs.

Brewmeister Armageddon

Armageddon was the world’s strongest beer until the release of Snake Venom. It is made with a combination of crystal malt, wheat, barley, and spring water. The beer is then hopped with Columbus, Willamette, and Challenger hops. After fermentation, the beer is freeze-distilled to produce 65% alcohol by volume.

Armageddon is crafted in Scotland by Brewmeister, the same company that makes Snake Venom. The advantage of this beer is that it does not require much technology compared to the Brewmeister Snake Venom. All that distilleries need is a pot, yeast, sugar, and other ingredients.

Below is the summary of the Armageddon beer.

  • Origin- Scotland
  • Type of beer- Ale
  • ABV- 65%
  • IBUs- N/A
  • Ingredients- Crystal malt, wheat, barley, and spring water
  • Color- Brown
  • Taste- Fruity and floral with a sweet finish

The beer is found in select liquor stores and is served in a 330 ml bottle.

Koelschip Start the Future

Koelschip is a Netherlands-based brewery that is quickly gaining a following for its high-alcohol content beers. The beer is crafted with a recipe that results in an alcohol content of around 60%, making it the third-strongest beer in the universe.

“Start the Future,” as it is known, is a barley and wheat beer brewed with champagne yeast. The result is a dry, crisp beer with an alcohol content that will quickly put you on your feet.

The Dutch brewery released this beer to respond to BrewDog End of History, which had an alcohol content of 55% in their “Tactical Nuclear Penguin.” Koelschip wanted to show the world that they could brew an even stronger beer.

Below is the summary of Start the Future:

  • Origin-Netherlands
  • Brewed with barley, wheat, and champagne yeast
  • Alcohol by volume-60%
  • IBU-N/A
  • Style-Eisbock
  • Color- Amber
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BrewDog and Schorschbräu Strength in Numbers

The beer was crafted in collaboration with BrewDog and Schorschbräu, two of the strongest brewers in the world. Coming in at a whopping 57.8% alcohol by volume (ABV), this beer is also not for the faint of heart!

The collaboration between these two breweries was born out of mutual respect for each other’s brewing abilities. One is in Scotland while the other is in Germany, and both are known for their high-alcohol beers.

The beer is created from a mix of two different traditional barley wines, each with different alcohol content. Ale and Eisbock are the two types of barley wine used, and they are combined in a 1:1 ratio. The companies then freeze the beer to make it even stronger. The final product is a 57.8% ABV beer with the same strength as vodka or whiskey.

  • Origin- Scotland and Germany
  • Type of beer- Ale and Eisbock
  • ABV- 57.8%
  • IBUs- N/A
  • Ingredients- Ale and Eisbock
  • Color- Golden
  • Taste- Malty with a sweet finish

Brewdog End of History

BrewDog, a Scottish brewery, makes a beer called End of History. This beer has an alcohol content of 55%. The beer prides itself on being among the world’s strongest beers.

End of History is created from a Belgian blond ale mixed with various fruits. The beer is then poured into bottles made from stuffed animals, such as squirrels and stoats. The ready beer contains hints of juniper berries, coriander, and citrus.

Beer lovers can enjoy this beer at room temperature or chilled. However, the brewery recommends that you let the beer warm up a little before drinking, as the colder temperature can mask some of the flavors.

  • Origin- Scotland
  • ABV- 55%
  • IBUs- n/a
  • Style- Belgian Blond Ale with Various Fruits
  • Breweries- BrewDog

Koelschip Obilix

Obilix is a beer that is crafted by Koelschip, a Dutch company that has been brewing beer since 2002. The beer is an imperial stout that is brewed with black malt, roasted barley, and crystal malt. It has an alcohol content of 45%.

The beer has a rich and intense flavor, with chocolate, coffee, and licorice notes. Beer lovers looking for a beer with a high alcohol content will definitely want to check out Obilix. However, it is important to note that this beer is not for the faint of heart, as it is quite strong.

  • Origin-Netherlands
  • Brewery-Koelschip
  • Style-Eisbock
  • ABV-45%
  • Color-Black

Though not the strongest, this beer can still pack a punch. If you’re looking for a high-alcohol beer to get your buzz on, then head to your nearest liquor store and grab a bottle of Koelschip Obilix.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Number One Selling Beer?

The best-selling beer in the United States is Bud-Light, produced by Anheuser-Busch. It has an alcohol content of 4.2% and accounts for 18% of all beer sales. It is available in cans making it easy to transport and consume. While Chinese beers have taken the world market by storm.

Which Cheap Beer Has the Highest Alcohol Content?

The cheapest beer with high alcohol content is Steel Reserve 211. It has an 8.1% alcohol content and can be found for around $2 per six-pack. The beer is a malt liquor and is known for its high levels of alcohol and sugar. It also has a sweet, fruity taste.

What Is the Strongest Hard Alcohol?

The strongest hard alcohol is Spirytus Vodka, with an alcohol content of 96%. It is a Polish vodka that is made from rye grain. The vodka is then distilled multiple times to achieve its high alcohol content.


So, what beer has the highest alcohol content? As you can see, there are many different types of beers with varying levels of alcohol content that you can measure. However, you can tell some beers are definitely stronger than others. If you’re looking for a beer with high alcohol content, then you have the perfect choice from the list above.