How Long Is Rum Good For?

A bottle of rum

Do you have a bottle of rum that you’ve had open for a few months, but have never gotten around to finishing? Or perhaps, the bottle has been lying around for years, unopened, and now you are curious to find out if it is still safe for consumption. How long is rum good for? How … Read more

How Long Does Home Brew Beer Last?

A glass of beer near a fire place

After putting all that time and effort into making your home brew beer, you want to be sure how long it can be left in storage. Nobody wants the risk of putting in all that work and waiting for months only to open a ruined beer. How Long Does Home Brew Beer Last? When stored … Read more

Best Burner for Brewing [2022 Review]

A pot on top of a burner

If you are a homebrewer who only wants to make the best beers that are nothing short of high quality, then you need the best brewing equipment, such as a burner. A good burner will provide you with heat control, even heat distribution and speed. Here, we present you with the best burner for brewing. … Read more

Best Wort Chillers [2022 Review]

An image of a wort chiller

The key to a crystal clear beer is a meticulous chilling process, which the traditional and time-consuming method of placing your wort in a sink filled with ice water won’t provide you with. The right way to chill your wort is by using the best wort chillers you can find on the market. Our Top … Read more

How to Build a Thumper Keg

A man carrying thumper kegs

Distillation comes right after fermentation and has to do with the separation of alcohol from water through evaporation and condensation. Distillation is usually carried out in a still and requires some important equipment to produce quality final results. A crucial piece of equipment required for distillation is a thumper keg. In this article, we’ll teach … Read more

Can Bad Beer Make You Sick?

Different glasses of beer in a tray

There are times you pick up an old bottle of beer that you have forgotten about. You are unsure about drinking it. You have doubts about what drinking it will do. You want to know if old beer can go bad and more importantly, can bad beer make you sick? Can Bad Beer Make You … Read more

How to Carbonate Hard Cider

Image of four clear glass with beer

Nothing beats a cold glass of hard cider on a hot day, especially when you brewed it yourself. Making hard cider seems to be a slightly straightforward process. However, knowing how to carbonate hard cider is an area most homebrewers still have questions about. Here’s all you need to know about how to carbonate hard … Read more

How to Stop Fermentation

A man brewing beer

The process of brewing beer is not restricted to commercial or large-scale breweries. Within the convenience of your home, you could get around to making your own beer too. If you are looking to begin homebrewing, you would have to get familiar with the process of fermentation and more importantly, how to stop it if … Read more

Craft Beer vs Domestic Beer

An image of domestic beers

We are often confronted with numerous kinds of beers, and it could cost too much effort to keep up with them and know which is best for you, especially for beer novices. Here, we will give you a quick breakdown of craft beer vs domestic beer, which you should be drinking, and why.  Craft Beer … Read more

Best Conical Fermenter [2022 Review]

An image of a conical fermenter

A conical fermenter is a cone-shaped brewery piece of equipment used for fermentation. It could either be made of plastic or stainless steel and comes with different features to facilitate the fermentation process such as built-in stands and automatic temperature control.  Our Top Conical Fermenter Review  Conical fermenters were once only used by professional large-scale … Read more

How Long Does It Take To Make Beer?

A half-filled glass

Most beer lovers and beginner home beer brewers will often have many questions about how beer is made. Of all these numerous questions, one of the most common questions has to be: how long does it take to make beer? How Long Does It Take To Make Beer? It takes a total of about 4 … Read more

How to Back Sweeten Mead

A woman pouring back sweeten mead

Back sweetening adds sweetness to the mead that has finished fermenting. If you add sugar in an active ferment, you may end up increasing the alcohol content of your mead instead of the sweetness. This article details all you need to know on how to back sweeten mead. How to Back Sweeten Mead If you … Read more