Why Do People Put Salt in Beer?

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Beer is among the most popular drinks globally, usually infused with different ingredients to enhance taste and flavor. Some brewers are developing smart ways of making this famous drink more tasty and refreshing. One way of improving it is by putting salt. So, why do people put salt in beer?

Why Do People Put Salt in Beer?

One of the most common reasons why people put salt in beer is to reduce the amount of gas consumed during drinking. Beer is always carbonated with carbon dioxide, and one way this gas escapes is through the foam. Therefore, when salt is added to the beer, it reacts with it, creating a full head that helps release the CO2. This means you will consume less carbon dioxide.

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Besides releasing carbon dioxide, salt also helps balance out the flavor of your beer. If you are taking beer and feel like the flavor is not the standard you want, you can add a pinch of salt to balance it. For instance, salt can help alleviate bitterness in your beer, making you enjoy your favorite flavor.

Other Reasons Why Salt Is Added to the Beer

Salt is important in making your beer taste how you want it to. Enjoying beer that meets your taste is a feeling that will make you want to enjoy it more. That is why learning the importance of salt is ideal for helping you escalate your drinking game.

Salt Helps You Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is an important aspect of life. Your body needs enough water to function properly. Any small activity usually leads to water loss plus a certain amount of salt (sodium) through sweat. So, to ensure your body functions well, you need to replenish the water through hydration and take some salt.

Therefore, adding salt is critical as it will help you retain as much water as possible in your body. Retaining water in the body will ensure your body functions well and help curb the hangover you are likely to experience after heavy drinking.

Salt Adds Flavor to Your Beer

An ideal flavor is what drives you to enjoy beer frequently. You want a flavor that suits your taste and also imparts health benefits to your body. Salt is one ingredient that will ensure you achieve all these things.

Salt is a great way to make a bad beer not so bad or an average beer better. It will automatically change the beer flavor you like, making you take as much as you want.

Some beer lovers add salt directly to their drink before drinking to provide an immediate salt flavor not found in most beers. This gives them an ideal way of enjoying their favorite drink without mixing another batch each time they want a taste of something salty in their drink.

It Is a Tradition

Beer brewing began long ago when our ancestors used different ingredients to create an enjoyable and refreshing drink. Salt is probably one of the ingredients these ancient beer makers used. Currently, if you ask a brewer why they are using a certain ingredient to brew beer, the response will be, “my grandfather used it.”

It is believed that beer infused with sodium had a lot of impact on drinking. Beer brewed with salt made drinkers more thirsty, leading to heavy drinking. This heavy drinking enhanced profit for brewers. That technique has been carried on to the current generation to improve beer making and increase sales, hence high profit.

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Downsides of Adding Too Much Salt to Beer

They say, “too much of something is poisonous.” The same applies to adding too much to your beer. The following are some of the adverse effects:

  • It can change beer’s flavor: Too much salt can have the opposite effect on your beer in terms of flavor. For instance, it can dilute the needed bitterness in the beer.
  • Health concern: Too much salt can cause hypertension, which can later lead to heart attack and stroke.
  • Too much salt can unbalance the fluid levels in your body:  Sodium works with other components, such as potassium, to balance fluids in your body. However, too much salt can compromise this activity, leading to an improper balance of fluids in your body.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do Old Guys Put Salt in Beer?

Old guys put salt in their drinks because it is a flavor enhancer. Salt is also known to reduce the perceived bitterness in beer. Therefore, overly hopped beer will taste less bitter.

How Much Salt Do You Put In Beer?

Generally, one-half to a full ounce of salt for a five-gallon batch is enough. The salt is usually added late in the boil to maintain subtle flavors that may volatilize off.


While sodium does help improve beer’s flavor and add some nutrients, it is vital to add the required amount to achieve an optimal flavor. Remember that too much salt can have a negative impact, such as dehydration, and cause hypertension. Also, drink responsibly.