How to Use Beer Salt

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The beer world is changing as innovative activities happen daily to ensure beer enthusiasts get the best flavor. Beer salt is one of the creative activities that brewers and beer drinkers enjoy. Therefore, understanding how to use beer salt is vital to help you enjoy a smooth, refreshing beer.

How to Use Beer Salt

Using beer salt is a simple process that anyone can do, whether new to drinking or has been in the game for some time. Simply rim your glass of beer with a lime wedge and then dip the rim into a plate of salt. This will create a high affinity for carbon dioxide, leading to a cool and refreshing beer that will leave you wanting to enjoy more.

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Brewers and beer lovers find salt a useful condiment that makes drinking enjoyable, especially in Canada and Mexico. It is easy to use and makes beer enthusiasts want to have more of the drink by enhancing the flavor as well as curbing dehydration.

What Is Beer Salt?

It is a coarse salt added to beer to enhance flavor. When added to the beer, it tends to intensify the flavor by creating a high affinity for carbon dioxide.

In most cases, this salt will taste like lime or lemon. These flavors have proven human health benefits, like preventing cramping and dehydration. Therefore, when you add salt to your beer, you will definitely reduce dehydration in your body.

How to Apply the Salt

Applying this salt is as easy as drinking the same beer. However, the process is procedural and requires attention to achieve the best result. You don’t want to mess up your beer by adding too much salt that could change the whole flavor. Here is the ideal procedure for adding salt:

Step 1: Choose and Open Your Favorite Beer

Of course, you must have the beer before adding the salt. The advantage of this salt is that it can be used with any beer. Therefore, don’t be restricted to a certain beer style. In fact, it is vital to try different beer styles until you get a combination that suits your taste.

After opening the beer, pour some into a glass. Leave about an inch of space at the top of the glass to create space for the salt mixture later in the process.

Step 2: Rub a Lime Around the Glass Rim

The next step is getting a lime and rubbing it around the rim of your beer bottle, glass, or can’s rim (if you are taking a beer from the can).

Rubbing lime around the rim is essential since it creates an even coating that will make it easy to sprinkle your salt. Experienced drinkers use a lime-wedging tool to rub the lime. Don’t worry if you dont have the tool since you can do it manually.

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Step 3: Add the Salt

This is the focal point of this procedure and requires proper attention to ensure you achieve the best flavor ever. Now that you have enough space at the top of the glass add your salt and let it sit for a few minutes. This will ensure the beer absorbs all the salt and, in turn, achieve tha needed result.

Also, stir well to ensure the salt completely dissolves in the beer( if using dried salt). You can use a clean rod or spoon to avoid introducing bacteria into the beer.

Step 4: Chill the Beer and Drink

This is an optional step since you can take your beer immediately after adding the salt. However, most beer enthusiasts prefer chilling it before drinking to bring out the cool and refreshing taste.

If you decide to chill the beer and drink later, store it in a refrigerator or other cool places free from light and heat sources. Remember that light and heat causes beer to be skunk. An ideal temperature for storing beer in the refrigerator is 50-55 degrees Fahrenheit. So, adjust your fridge to this range to ensure your beer chills properly.

After the beer has chilled( for about 7-8 hours), you can have your first sip. You will definitely feel a change in taste. A beer with salt will have a lemon or lime flavor and a refreshing finish, unlike a beer without salt.

How to Make Your Own Beer Salt

Armed with basic knowledge of adding salt to your favorite drink, it is also important to understand the benefits that come with adding it to the beer. It will also save you time and money since you can make enough and use a longer time:

  • Gathering the essentials: The materials you will need include a measuring cup, popcorn salt, powdered lime, an ideal bag, and an airtight plastic container
  • Measuring the popcorn salt: Use the measuring cup to measure salt depending on the amount of beer you have. This can range from using ¼  or ½ of salt. Always check to see that you have a fine popcorn salt since it dissolves faster, making the work easier
  • Mixing the powdered lime and popcorn salt: After getting the measurements, mix the two ingredients in the airtight plastic container and shake well
  • Taste the Mixture: You can take a sample on your fingerprint to taste and see if it is what you intended to make. You can add more salt if you feel the mixture has not achieved the desired flavor
  • Add the mixture to your beer: Armed with your salt, add it to the beer and enjoy your drink. Ensure to follow the outlined steps in the article to achieve the desired flavor

The Benefit of Using Beer Salt

Adding salt to the drink has many benefits that every beer lover should understand. Here are some of the benefits associated with beer infused with salt:

  • It helps beer lovers stay hydrated: Salt can help drinkers retain more water in the body, making you stay hydrated. More water in the body means less hangover brought about by most beers
  • Salt reduces high blood pressure and other diseases: A study shows that taking an ideal amount of  salt regularly reduces high blood pressure, stroke, and heart diseases in adults
  • Salt balances electrolytes and prevents muscle cramps: Lack of enough salt in the body means less water is retained, leading to dehydration. This will, in turn, create spaces between the muscles, making them contract, leading to pain
  • Beer with salt improves sleep: Salt is known to support a healthy nervous system, and as a result of this, you will have a better sleep
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Related Questions

Is Beer Salt Normal Salt?

Unfortunately,  the salt (lemon-lime salt) is different from table salt(sodium chloride). However, the salt contains sodium chloride as a primary ingredient, making it ideal to be used as a seasoning for meat and vegetables.

How Long Does Beer Salt Last?

The salt lasts for three to four years if kept dry and stored in a cool place free from moisture. However, its flavor may deteriorate with time, and that is why it is recommended to use it within the first six months of production for the best result.

When Should You Drink Salt?

It is advisable to drink an adequate amount of sodium chloride when exercising in hot weather for a long time. This is because sodium chloride help retains water in the body, curbing dehydration.


Salt is an excellent way of infusing flavor into your drink. It creates a smooth and unique flavorful taste that leaves beer enthusiasts wanting more. The salt also curbs dehydration by helping your body retain water in the body. This ensures you experience less hangover and headache.