How to Make 190 Proof Alcohol

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190 proof alcohol is clear, odorless, and tasteless. Although you cannot enjoy drinking it, you can learn how to make 190 proof alcohol because there are other ways you can use it. Additionally, it is not a complicated process, and it does not require many types of equipment.

How to Make 190 Proof Alcohol

You can make 190 proof alcohol by proofing alcohol or by making beer and then extracting water from it. The resulting liquid will have an alcohol content of 95%. At this level, the alcohol is volatile and can quickly evaporate.

That is why brewers cool and bottle this alcohol faster than other drinks. That’s not all; this is not something you want to drink, especially dry. I will discuss all the side effects you will be risking shortly.

I will focus on two methods you can use to get 190 proof alcohol. The first one is the easiest because all you need is proof alcohol with high ABV to extract alcohol. The second one involves extracting the alcohol from grains.

An image of vodka that can be use to make a 190 proof alcohol

Method 1: Proofing Vodka

This is the easiest method because you already have the alcohol and all you need is proof it. Here are the materials you will need:

  • Hotplate
  • A stand to hold the beaker
  • A cup for collecting the 95% alcohol
  • Glass tubes
  • A thermometer with a wide range
  • Means of cooling such as ice
  • Rubber cork

Below are the steps to follow when proofing vodka. Don’t skip any of the steps I will discuss below.

Step 1: Fill the Beaker

Fill the beaker with vodka and plug the top of the beaker with the rubber cork. Insert the thermometer and the tube leading to a collection cup and use the stand to hold the beaker in place over the hotplate.

Step 2: Cool the Alcohol

Make sure your cooling system is set and turn the hotplate on. Keep checking the thermometer, and if it reaches 174.5 degrees Fahrenheit, the cooling system should start cooling the alcohol.

If you realize the temperature is not going up and the vodka is boiling, switch off the hotplate.

Step 3: Taste the Alcohol

Give the beaker time to cool, then taste the substance you have collected. If it is still tasting alcohol, repeat the process until you have a tasteless liquid.

Method 2: Processing Corn

Most homebrewers know that they can brew corn to get beer. So you should not be surprised to learn that you can process corn to get 190 proof alcohol:

Step 1: Grind the Corn

The first step is to grind the corn into flour and then mix the flour with water and enzymes. This mixture is known as slurry, and it is then heated to fasten the process of enzymes breaking down the starch into sugar.

Step 2: Introduce Yeast to Fermentation Chamber

The next step is the fermentation chamber, where you should introduce yeast. Make sure you mix the mash well to ensure the yeast feeds on sugar well. Once the process is complete, the mash will produce alcohol, carbon dioxide, and dried distillers grain.

Step 3: Separate the Alcohol

The next step is distillation to separate the alcohol from other products. Alcohol boils faster, and thus, you can collect it first. You can use a molecular sieve to extract the water to produce high-quality alcohol.

Should You Drink 190 Proof Alcohol?

Drinking 190 proof alcohol, especially dry, should be avoided. However, this does not stop people from mixing it with their drinks at parties. So, what happens when you drink it?

Very Potent

The Brewmeister Snake Venom is one of the strongest beers, with an alcohol content of 67.5% ABV. One bottle of this is enough for the night. Now imagine how potent alcohol is with a 95% ABV.

If you are not feeling drunk after a few glasses of this alcohol mixed with something else, give it time.

Pure Alcohol

This is as pure as your alcohol can get. At 95% ABV, this has no room for impurities such as additives. So if you don’t drink it with other alcoholic drinks, you will be consuming pure alcohol.

High Amount of Calories

You constantly have to worry about calories if you are into hard liquor. A single shot of alcohol that is 190 proof means you have consumed 285 calories. This figure is high, considering most distilled drinks range between 97 to 116 calories.

An image of two glasses of alcoholic drinks

Bad Hangovers

If you are a beer lover, hangovers may be something you are used to. However, you likely know how much is too much and when to stop drinking.

With alcohol that’s 190 proof, the hangovers are more intense. Most drinkers claim to feel miserable and self-disgusted when the hangover strikes.

Uses of 190 Proof Alcohol

After making your alcohol, the next step is understanding how to use it. The best part about this 95% ABV alcohol is using it for various chores around your home.

Here are the most common uses:

Disinfecting wounds

Scrapped knees and elbows are a regular occurrence in most households. The first first-aid tip when dealing with open wounds is to clean them and disinfect them. This alcohol is a fantastic disinfectant due to its high purity and potency.

Pour the alcohol on a clean piece of cloth or cotton and wipe the wound with it. This will kill any germs, thus disinfecting your wound efficiently.

Killing Bugs

Bugs are creepy no matter how old you get. It is not a beautiful sight to be greeted by the crawling creeps on your home’s walls, chairs, and tabletop surfaces. Pour your alcohol into your spray bottle and spray on the bugs.

You can also deal with the pests disturbing your flowers. Make sure you use equal measurements of 95% alcohol and water. Don’t spray too much to avoid killing your plants.


This alcohol does a fantastic job cleaning glass, plastic, and other surfaces. Take your alcohol and pour a few drops on cotton pads. Use it to clean any dirty surfaces such as computer screens or keyboards.

You can also spray a few drops on your glass windows for a beautiful sparkling look.

Are you worried about the smell? You don’t need to be. As I mentioned before, this alcohol evaporates very fast. That way, you will have clean surfaces without any undesirable smell.

Creating Homemade Deodorant 

Some people shy away from deodorants because of the harsh substances it is made of. Others do so because it does not agree with their skin, and thus they react badly when they use it.

No one wants to walk around with body odor. You can use this alcohol as a homemade deodorant. Add essential oils for a pleasing fragrance, and you are good to go.

Making Flavoring

You can make an extract from the alcohol to use as flavoring when making hard candy or lollipops. Make sure you test the taste by putting a few drops of water and seeing if you like the taste.

Don’t feel limited by the uses I discussed here; DIY projects rely on trial and error. Therefore try other uses that you think the properties of 190 proof alcohol can serve. You will be surprised by your discoveries.


Brewing any type of alcohol is an art, and thus don’t expect to get it right the first time. This does not mean you should give up; instead, keep trying. Don’t forget to cool the alcohol once the ABV is satisfactory to avoid losing it because it evaporates quickly.