How to Store a Keg

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Storing your keg is an important step as it will help maintain your beer’s quality and flavor. Many people do not realize that where you store your keg can significantly impact your beer taste. Deciding how to store a keg can depend on many factors that each individual should consider.

How to Store a Keg

The best way to keep your keg is in a cool, dark place and at the correct pressure level. Ensure that the cold temperature is constant and that the keg is not stored near any light sources, as this will cause the beer to spoil quickly. Also, keep the keg upright to prevent the beer from flowing out and seeping into the inside of the keg.

The “FIFO” rule, too, is essential to remember when it comes to storing your keg. This stands for “First In, First Out.” With this rule, you should always go by the oldest keg first and work your way through to the newest. This will help you track what beers are on hand and how long they have been stored.

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Also, it is essential to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to the letter. These instructions will ensure that your beer is kept at its best and help you avoid any problems. No one wants to have a party and find out that their keg was not stored properly and has gone bad.

Where to Store the Keg

Now that you have learned how to store a keg, the next question is, where should you keep it? There are a few different places where you can keep your keg, and each has its own set of pros and cons. The following are some of the most common places to store a keg:

In a kegerator

A kegerator is one of the most popular places to store a keg. It offers constant temperature control, keeping your beer fresh for longer periods. In addition, a kegerator will also help keep your beer at the correct pressure level, which is essential for maintaining the flavor of your beer.

Many people hold their parties at home these days. When you have a keg party, you may want to store your keg in your home. This will allow you to access the keg whenever you need it easily. So, when you have a kegerator at your place, you will be able to store your keg and keep it fresh for the party.

In a Cool Basement or Cellar

Another great place to store your keg is in a cool basement or cellar. The temperature of these locations will vary, which can slightly impact your beer’s flavor. However, if you can find a cool and dark spot, your beer will taste great.

Also, a cool basement or cellar will be away from any light sources, making your beer less likely to spoil. I know that light causes the beer to be skunked, so it is essential to find a location that is away from any light and is cool and dark.

In a Refrigerator or Freezer

A refrigerator is another excellent place to store your keg. Like the kegerator, it will keep your beer at the correct pressure levels and temperature. Ensure that your fridge is large enough to fit the keg, as you do not want to overcrowd it and have your beer go bad.

The advantage of storing your keg in a fridge is that you can see it at all times. This means that you will be able to easily monitor the temperature and pressure levels. Also, if you have a fridge with a glass door, you will be able to show off your keg to all of your guests.

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In a Cool Closet

Another option to store your keg is in a cool closet. This will keep the beer cold and dark, which is vital for maintaining the flavor of your beer. If you cannot find a cool closet, you can always put your keg in a cooler and surround it with ice. Just make sure to change the ice regularly, as it will melt, and fill up the cooler with water over time.

A Garage

A garage is another good place to store a keg if it is not overheated. If you can find a cool corner in your garage where the temperature is not too hot, your beer will be fine. However, if the temperatures in your garage are hot, it is best to find another location to store your keg.

The best thing about the garage is that it is spacious, and you can easily access your keg whenever you need it. Also, if you have a garage fridge and live in an area where the temperatures are not too hot, this is the perfect place to store your keg.

Under the Stairs

People don’t make good use of the space under their stairs. Actually, it is the ideal place where you can store your keg. It is usually dark and cool, which means that your beer will taste great. Also, it is out of the way and will not be in the way of your activities.

Ensure that the space under the stairs is clean and free of any dirt or dust before you store your keg there. You don’t want your beer to be contaminated with anything that could ruin the taste.

Factors to Consider for Storing Your Keg

Now that you know how to store your keg and the safe places to do so, it is time to consider some other factors. These will help keep your beer fresh for as long as possible and ensure that it tastes great.

  • Temperature– The ideal temperature to store your keg should be between 36 and 38 degrees Fahrenheit. Of course, maintaining this exact temperature is not always easy, so keep it as close to that range as possible.
  • Pressure– The pressure inside the keg is another important factor when storing your beer. The ideal pressure is 10 to 12 PSI. If the pressure gets too high, your beer will become foamy. If the pressure gets too low, it will not be carbonated enough and could go flat.
  • Light- Light is bad for beer when it comes to storing your keg. Light can cause the beer to spoil, so make sure to find a dark location.
  • Cleanliness– Finally, it is essential to ensure that the area where you are storing your keg is clean. Any dirt or dust can contaminate your beer and ruin the taste. No one wants to drink a beer that has been tainted, so make sure the area is clean before storing your keg.
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Related Questions

Can You Store a Keg at Room Temperature?

Yes, you can store a keg at room temperature and unrefrigerated. However, you will need to pasteurize your beer first so that it does not go bad at room temperature. Pasteurizing ensures warm room temperature will not be too hot for your keg.

How Do I Measure the Pressure in a Keg?

There are several ways to measure the pressure in a keg. One method is to use a pressure gauge to let you know what the keg’s current pressure is. Another approach is to use a pressure relief valve, which will release the pressure in the keg if it gets too high.

How Long Can You Store a Keg?

You can store a keg for up to six months if it is stored in the correct conditions. If you store your keg in a cool, dark place with the right pressure and temperature, your beer should stay fresh for six months.


Storing a keg is not as difficult as you might think. Your keg will be fine as long as you find a cool, dark place to store it. Make sure you keep it at the right temperature and pressure, and your beer will taste great.