How to Make a Keezer

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A keezer is a modified chest freezer converted into a beer, wine, or cocktails dispensing fridge. It’s a great way to store and dispense large quantities at parties. Therefore, learning how to make a keezer can be a great way to impress your friends and have a lot of fun.

How to Make a Keezer

To make a keezer, start by getting a working chest freezer and remove the lid. This is where you will place the collar, an extension of the freezer that will house your tap system. You can use the screwdriver to loosen the screws that hold the lid in place and pry it off. Ensure that you have a friend to help you with this, as the lid can be heavy.

A person filling a clear glass with craft beer from a brown wooden keezer in the house

Next, measure and cut the wood used for the collar. Ensure you cut the wood the same size as the freezer opening. Pine or cedar 2×4 is a good option, as these woods are lightweight and easy to work with. Once the wood is cut, use a drill to make holes for the taps. The holes should be on the front of the collar, near the top, with a spacing of about 3 inches between each hole.

After drilling holes, it’s time to put the boards together. You can use screws, glue, or nails to attach the boards, depending on what you have available. Once the boards are in place, sand them down to create a smooth finish, and then use waterproof nails to attach the boards to the freezer. Next, install the taps by screwing them into the holes you drilled earlier. Now you’re ready to start using your keezer!

Step by Step Instructions

Making a keezer is a process that requires some planning and preparation. You don’t want to mess up your freezer, especially if it’s new. The following is a detailed guide on how to make a keezer.

Step 1: Assemble the Materials You Need

The first step is to have your materials gathered and ready to go. You don’t want to scramble to find things when you’re in the middle of the project. For this project, you will need:

  • A working chest freezer: This is the most crucial part. The freezer will need to be in good condition and large enough to hold the number of kegs you want to store.
  • A collar: The collar is an extension of the freezer that will house your tap system. You can buy a pre-made collar or make one using pine or cedar 2×4 boards.
  • Taps: You will need to purchase taps that fit the holes you drilled in the collar.
  • A drill: This is used to make holes for the taps.
  • Screws: These are used to attach the boards and the collar to the freezer.
  • Waterproof nails: These are used to attach the collar to the freezer.
  • Sandpaper: This is used to smooth down the boards after they are attached.
  • Corner brackets: These are used to reinforce the corners of the collar.
  • Screwdriver and glue: You will need these to remove the lid from the freezer and attach the boards together.
  • A temperature controller: This is used to regulate the temperature inside the freezer and prevent your beer from getting too cold, too warm, or freezing.

Step 2: Remove the Lid From the Freezer

The next step is to remove the lid from the freezer. This is so you can attach the boards to the freezer. To do this, you will need a screwdriver. Unscrew the screws and loosens the hinges. Ensure you get help from another person to remove the lid, as it can be heavy.

Be careful not to damage the freezer when removing the lid. You don’t want to put any dents or scratches in it since it will be visible once the keezer is completed.

A person wearing a checkered polo holds a clear glass filling it with craft beer in a silver dispenser

Step 3: Make a Collar

The collar will extend the height of the freezer and house your tap system. It’s what replaces the lid of the freezer. Making a collar is simple and only requires a few materials if you don’t want to buy a pre-made one.

If you’re making a collar, use a miter cut to make the boards fit together at the corners. Before attaching the boards, drill holes in one of the boards. This is where the taps will go. The holes should be about 3 inches apart and drilled on the board on the front of the collar, near the top.

Once the holes are drilled, it’s time to attach the boards. You can use screws, nails, or glue to do this. Once the boards are attached, sand them down to create a smooth finish. At times, the boards might not fit perfectly together. In this case, use wood filler to fill in the gaps and then sand it down until it’s flush with the rest of the board.

Step 4: Attach the Collar to the Freezer

Now it’s time to attach the collar to the freezer using screws or nails. Be sure to use waterproof screws or nails to prevent rusting. Before attaching the collar to the chest freezer, install foam around it. This will help insulate the freezer and prevent heat from escaping. You can use weather stripping or pipe insulation for this.

Once the foam is in place, use a drill to make pilot holes in the freezer. These pilot holes will be for the screws or nails. Once the pilot holes are made, screw or nail the collar until the freezer and collar are snugged against each other. Allow sitting for 24-48 hours to allow the glue to set.

After the glue has been set, you can re-install the lid of your freezer. Use nails or screws to attach the hinges back on. Ensure the temperature probe of the temperature controller is inside the freezer and the wires are easily accessible.

Step 5: Install the Taps

The taps are the next thing you’ll need to install. This is what allows you to pour beer from the keezer. The taps should be installed in the holes you drilled earlier. To do this, first, screw the taps into the holes. Be sure to make them tight so they don’t leak.

Once the taps are in place, attach the tubing to the shanks. The tubing will be attached to the keg later. Be sure to leave enough tubing to easily attach and detach the keg.

A person wearing plastic gloves holds a clear glass filling it with craft beer from a silver dispenser at the bar

Step 6: Install the Temperature Controller

Next, install the temperature controller. Remember that you had a temperature probe inside the freezer earlier? You need to connect the wires from the probe to the temperature controller. The controller will be outside the freezer, so ensure the wires are long enough to reach.

After the controller is installed, screw it into place. Set the temperature on the controller to your desired temperature. I recommend between 38-55 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the ideal temperature for serving beer. There you go! You’ve now made your own keezer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Keezer?

A keezer is a chest freezer converted into a beer dispenser. A collar is added to the freezer to house the taps, and the lid is replaced. A temperature controller is also installed to regulate the temperature.

What’s the Difference Between a Kegerator and a Keezer?

The difference is that a kegerator is designed to dispense keg and other types of beer, while a keezer only dispenses beer from a Cornelius keg.


A keezer is an ideal way to store and dispense your beer. It’s easy to make, and you can customize it to fit your needs. If you’re looking for a way to dispense your beer more professionally, then a keezer is an excellent option. Cheers!