Can Bad Beer Make You Sick?

There are times you pick up an old bottle of beer that you have forgotten about. You are unsure about drinking it. You have doubts about what drinking it will do. You want to know if old beer can go bad and more importantly, can bad beer make you sick? Can Bad Beer Make You …

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How to Carbonate Hard Cider

Nothing beats a cold glass of hard cider on a hot day, especially when you brewed it yourself. Making hard cider seems to be a slightly straightforward process. However, knowing how to carbonate hard cider is an area most homebrewers still have questions about. Here’s all you need to know about how to carbonate hard …

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Craft Beer vs Domestic Beer

We are often confronted with numerous kinds of beers, and it could cost too much effort to keep up with them and know which is best for you, especially for beer novices. Here, we will give you a quick breakdown of craft beer vs domestic beer, which you should be drinking, and why.  Craft Beer …

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Is Root Beer Alcoholic?

Root beer is a sweet, caffeine-free, and carbonated drink. There are many varieties of root beer, and most of them are made using traditional processes. Despite being made from the vine of Smilax ornata or root bark of the sassafras tree, is root beer alcoholic? Is Root Beer Alcoholic or Non-alcoholic? Traditional root beer is …

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Can You Drink Expired Beer?

Many people don’t know that beer comes with an expiration date like any other drink. The purpose of the expiration date is to let you know the beer is no longer safe for consumption. But, can you drink expired beer? This article will examine whether it is safe to drink expired beer. Can You Drink …

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How Many Shots to Get Drunk?

Knowing how your body reacts to alcohol is very important. Before you start drinking, it is crucial to know the amount of alcohol to take to get drunk without overdrinking. This article provides you with all you need to know on how many shots to get drunk. How Many Shots To Get Drunk Men get …

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How Long Does a Keg Last?

Knowing how long a keg can last is challenging as it depends on things such as temperature and storage. So, how long does a keg last?

Can Beer Get You Drunk?

Different beer consumers are affected differently by the amount they consume. Some hardcore drinkers won’t show any intoxication results, even after their third or fourth beer. So, can beer get you drunk? Read on to find out.  Can Beer Get You Drunk? Yes, beer can get you drunk. However, this depends on the amount of …

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