Beer Snobs Acquires Baranof Island Brewing

Beer Snobs, a leader in online beer resources, has acquired Baronof Island Brewing. Due to the ongoing global pandemic, many breweries have been faced with difficult financial situations and ongoing supply chain challenges. The official acquisition date is October 15, 2021.

Founded in 2010 by beer enthusiasts Rick and Suzan, the brewery was based in Sitka, Alaska at 1209 A Sawmill Creek Rd. They were known for every unfiltered 310-gallon batch being a combination of pure, glacier-fed Alaskan water and a blend of gourmet malts and hops.

Beer Snobs has a strong background in providing the beer community with education on a variety of topics, ranging from beer selection and comparisons to how to brew beer at home. Adding a popular and successful microbrewery brand to the family gives a new platform to provide the community with education.

Beer Snobs specializes in providing helpful resources for the homebrewer, including topics like:

Beer Snobs has absorbed all content and resources, and will expand on the already large platform that Baranof Island Brewing has created. This will serve as the landing page for previous content. Any questions about the acquisition details should be directed to